Revisiting a past idea?

//Revisiting a past idea?

Revisiting a past idea?

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Actually having some time at the weekend to read various internet web 2.0 articles and watching the Australian Open tennis final (go Nadal!) at the same time is kind of nice and relaxing. In my readings I came across Wikianswers.  It reminded me of an elective that we had to take on our MBA course called PNB (Planning a New Business) where you essentially took an idea and over a course of a few weeks turned it into a business plan to present in front of a panel. Ideally you were to have implemented it too before facing the firing squad. The winner would walk away with a nice trophy (but no money) and for some reason they didn’t award the trophy that year as they ‘couldn’t decide’. I’m not going to rant about that indecisive decision, so back to the point; Wikianswers was something similar to what I came up with, however wiki software wasn’t really around in the those days and forum software not really designed for this kind of thing. Hence why and was all bespoke. The panel liked my idea and thought that I should work on it full-time after the course finished and approach large organisations to pitch it in and gain volumes quicker however I decided that it wasn’t the right time and placed the idea with all its paperwork on a shelf.

Perhaps I should distract myself even further, brush off the dust and revisit this idea now, revise the technology it ws originally based on and do something with it, especially as I have a 20 page business plan that accompanies it and the website content prototype!

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