Building inkscroll

Help us build inkscroll together.
Explore some of our roadmap: what we're working on now and next.
Recently shipped We ship many iterative improvements (as much as one person can part-time). This section just focuses on the most notable new features.
  • Store your career history section on your resume / CV as roles with supporting statements
  • New users that are either jobseeking or feeling thankful can now choose to go through our onboarding process
  • See who's looking at your profile scroll and generate time-limited sharing codes
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Things we're working on / thinking about These are some of the key features that Joanna is working on currently. This isn’t an exhaustive list, we keep some surprises up our sleeves. 😀
  • Looking for users who are pro-actively job seeking and want to track their applications
  • Improving our Concierge Service
  • Developing our Qualify to Apply service
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