When after sales support is a great pre-sales showcase

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When after sales support is a great pre-sales showcase

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It’s not easy delighting customers time after time and where software is concerned I definitely fall into the ‘tough to satisfy’ category. It was pure pleasure to come across a WordPress plugin that has a very responsive after sales support team. Hats off to the team behind GeoDirectory.  Well done!

In fact, GeoDirectory promises to reply within 24 hours during Monday to Friday with a 48 hour turnaround time at weekends.

This promise was cleverly delivered while I was reading through their support forum messages working out if their software solution did what I needed.  Impressed, I paid, knowing that if I ran into any challenges GeoDirectoy support would quickly be there to help me.

Needlessly to say they kept their promises and I wasn’t let down. I was delighted with my experience. I know how tough it is creating something technical whilst being reliant on other moving parts and having it used by people (end users) who aren’t familiar with code and expect it to ‘just work’.

Sure, GeoDirectory could improve a few things such as keeping their online documentation up-to-date but most users are too lazy to read docs.

Having a responsive support team answer questions via their forums worked a treat and is a great pre-sales showcase for them.

And yes, it would be nice to know exactly what features they will deliver next and when as we vote for them but perhaps I’m being picky here as I’m keen on knowing how a product road map will match my future needs.

I wholeheartedly recommend GeoDirectory and wished more software firms would follow GeoDirectory’s example.

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