Shhhh… we’re in a library

//Shhhh… we’re in a library

Shhhh… we’re in a library

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Why physically visit a library when you have what seems to be the whole universe at your fingertips?

The public Internet is great but there’s a lot of rubbish at your fingertips too. And sometimes wading through it all can be a nightmare as well as time wasting. There is an alternative to going to a market research agency and requesting reports each costing £1,000 +. Well, there is if you happen to be an alumnus- as I am 🙂 with a learning institution that invests in research. Through the Cranfield alumni network, I have free online access from the comfort of my armchair to some market research databases and optionally can subscribe to the premium account for £49 a year to have access to even more market research!

Interpreting all the research data all is a different matter!

However, the ‘new’ Internet approach works too as during researching Web 2.0 news feeds by typing random words into Google, I came across this excellent blog – TechCrunch UK. Hopefully one day inkscroll will get a mention on it, I’ve got my fingers crossed that its going to be a positive one!

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