Skills That Everyone Should Have For Work

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There are certain skills that you will always need for a particular industry. A computer programmer, for example, would struggle to find a job without knowing how to code. An engineer needs to be able to draw up blueprints for projects. There are also key work skills that everyone should have. Known as ‘soft skills’, they are relevant no matter what the job, and having them can make all the difference in the eyes of a hiring manager. Are your soft skills up to scratch?


Nothing is more valuable and desirable for an employer than the ability to communicate, both in writing and verbally. Most job roles will require that you write reports or at least emails. No employee exists in a vacuum. The ability to communicate with other employees, clients, partners and prospects will always be helpful for any company that you want to work with. Good communication skills give you more capability to express your point during meetings, hold presentations and speak publicly, as well as providing the foundation for solid teamwork.

Negotiation and Sales

Even if you are not directly involved in the sale of a product or service, negotiation and sales are key work skills that will go a long way, both in terms of your personal career and for the business you work for. You can use your skills to negotiate your wages and terms, and also to solve conflicts and resolve situations within your company with win-win solutions. Sales skills can also help you to win over new clients and recruit new talent at networking events.

Time Management and Organization

No employer likes a scatter-brain. Time management is one of the key work skills that enhances productivity, and so most hiring managers take this very seriously. You need to be able to keep on schedule with tasks and hit deadlines, prioritize tasks when workloads are piling, and manage your own energy when you have multiple tasks and an irregular schedule. Organization helps you to keep on top of work, and keep files and objects where they should be

Basic Technology Skills

A decade ago, only those who were working directly in the IT field would have been expected to have skills in the technology department. That has all changed. Nearly every company now works with technologies that help operations to run smoothly, whether it be sophisticated software to improve processes or a simple website and email communication. It is favourable for employees to be able to use computers, navigate web portals, have knowledge of word and spreadsheets, send emails and use other communication tools that the company might employ. New technology is coming into the workplace all of the time, so you should be ready and willing to learn if you want to succeed.

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

It’s important that you develop your problem solving and critical thinking abilities as key work skills. Certain positions will require an ability to solve particular problems. For example, an engineer might be expected to be able to fix a certain machine. But generally speaking, being able to use your intelligence to solve unexpected problems will make you a brilliant asset in the workplace. You need to be able to demonstrate that you are flexible, can think for yourself, and therefore can work independently without being micro-managed. The ability to solve problems also shows that you have a positive attitude and the perseverance to make it happen.


Though there are many more key work skills that you could focus on, the last one that I’m going to talk about today is empathy. Your emotional intelligence is an excellent skill in the workplace, just as it is in social or home life. You need to be able to listen to and understand the people around you so that you can work well in a team, keep customers on your side, and deal with conflicts before they even happen. Empathy will add to every other key work skill mentioned here.


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