Sonos – very, very cool

//Sonos – very, very cool

Sonos – very, very cool

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After being given a sales pitch by a friend, I finally gave in (took weeks to convince me) and bought some Sonos gear. This is after I upgraded my storage to a Netgear thingy. I started with the ZonePlayer 120 aka ZP120 (connects to hi-fi),  S5 (all in one), then added the Sonos controller 200 as I got frustrated with the Sonos iphone app (there’s no search feature on it).

Sonos is plug and play at its best, a bit like Apple, assume user is stupid or doesn’t want to spend hours working out how to get it working and give it nice, easy packaging too.  Within 5 minutes I was all ready to go but the major gripe I have is that each device checks its Sonos software version against other devices and then says ‘oh no, I have to upgrade myself’. That’s all very well as long as you have Internet at home!!!!   Until you upgrade it you can’t do anything. Damn useless without Internet. You can’t install it from the Sonos install CD via your home wireless – no, that would be too clever. So I unplugged the kit, got in the car, drove up the road to a friends, plugged it back in again and upgraded the software. Then went through it all again to take it back home and start listening to the sounds.

Another minus point is that when you only have one controller with multiple zones and you’re in a zone without the controller you have to go hunting for it and it may take a while to locate it! Perhaps it should have a tracking device in it! Triangulated by the devices themselves!

Rating: 8/10  (will hopefully go up to 9/10 when I have Internet streaming through the place)

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