Storing Staff Training Records Is Worth It

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Staff training is an essential component of any successful company. A competent and confident team will drive a business forward, and managers will be able to delegate and give responsibility to staff, knowing that they are capable of the task.

As staff are trained, staff training records should be kept and filed. Records may include information about who was trained, when they were trained, what skills they learnt and mastered, and the results of any tests or evaluations.

Why Is It Important To Keep Staff Training Records?

Keeping staff training records serves a dual purpose for your business. If you had any question about whether or not you should be keeping records, now is the time to learn why it is worth doing.

First, keeping staff training records will ensure regulatory compliance, which is a legal obligation in certain industries, and generally considered a best practice for all organizations. The records should be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act, either securely in files, or digitally with password protections.

Second, the records will help with internal human resource management, leading to a more productive business with empowered staff who are comfortable in their roles.

Thirdly, the information contained in staff training records can be used by managers to evaluate staff, set goals for individuals and review their progress, and select staff for tasks based on their proven ability. Staff training records can also be used for identifying training gaps within the organization.

There are many reasons to keep staff training records, and no real reason not to. Once staff have been trained, records should be made and stored for internal reference and company compliance.

Staff Training Record Keeping

There is no single best way to keep staff training records, and the exact method that you use will depend on the size and complexity of your organization.

Paper records are still popular. Employees may sign a log sheet after completing training, or may be given certification which can be kept on record. Each employee will usually have their own file containing the details of their training.

A single, up-to-date summary sheet can also be attached to the front of the file so that the manager can easily see the employee’s progress, accomplishments and hours of training.

Digital staff training records are becoming an increasingly desirable option, especially for larger companies who have a lot of staff, and therefore a lot of data to handle. Digital record keeping can allow for a streamlined approach with more data and customized parameters, as well as analytical tools to make sense of and present the data.


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