TEAM Changelog

1.9 – 16 Jun 2018
New We’ve added a second budget type; per person
New FIRO-B results can now be stored
New Team members can see each other’s talent details
New If your current job title is stored then
New Job matching emails are now set if you’ve opted in to receive them
Improved Profile is now shared with others based on a one-time use code or when part of the same team and shows languages and personality type details.

1.8.4 – 26 Apr 2018
New Languages talent report
Improved Wording improvements throughout

1.8.3 – 27 Mar 2018
New A user can now see their connection to a company on their Network page
New Talent reports for languages, MBTI and Belbin preferred team role added
New Path Finder will now recommend the ‘next’ certification to a user
Improved Path Finder user experience on page

1.8.2 – 15 Mar 2018
New Added staff courses overview and staff courses grid reports
New We know show a course subscription price where applicable
New You can now search our learning library for skills
Improved Staff reports now filter on TEAM user’s view
Fixed A managerless Staff member can now be assigned to a Manager

1.8.1 – 7 Mar 2018
New New learning activity report for the last 12 months added to the Dashboard page
New New talent reports showing staff certifications and skills in a grid
New System now looks up if certification never expires
Improved Search improved the user experience when using their mouse to select an item from the dropdown list
Improved Goal training requests selection process is now much faster
Improved Submenu positioning and styling
Fixed Fire Marshal statistic will not include Fire Marshal certifications where no issue date is set (Dashboard)
Fixed Users cannot choose a future certification issue date
Fixed The courses carousel on company page now has the right number of dots!

1.8 – 28 Feb 2018
New Visitors and users can now search different information from navbar
New Introduced graphical widgets in place of existing text based reporting (Reports)
New User can now see their profile % completeness from their Portfolio page
New Job vacancy page now reflects if user has already applied to a vacancy or not
Improved Sped up website page loads and data retrieval for predefined lists so its now so much more responsive
Improved Cleaned up courses topics page, now looks tidier, has a new sort feature and ratings displayed.
Improved Home page now shows most popular courses and certifications along with course suggestions for various topics
Improved Goals reminder email now includes tracking information too
Fixed Fire Marshal statistic will now include Fire Marshal certifications where no expiry date is set (Dashboard)

1.7.16 – 13 Feb 2018
New Skill page shows its definition as well as related job vacancies
New We now show links for further good reading and learning
New We have a ceased trading option for a company now. ;(
New A User can store covering letter now so its easier for us to review and reference

1.7.15 – 5 Feb 2018
New Introduced job applications page for users
New Goals now have tracking RAG and goal status information
Fixed Existing User courses and certifications can now be used with their missing provider and awarding body information respectively
Fixed Personal courses feedback emails now only go to the User

1.7.14 – 30 Jan 2018
Improved course search form now looks for matches at the start of any word
Improved Job vacancy skills list now more organised!
Fixed You can now populate the missing provider for an existing user course
Fixed Fixed issue where an empty course cost was displaying as ‘free’ by mistake
Fixed Learning activity feedback pop-up is now solid, no longer see-through

1.7.13 – 25 Jan 2018
Improved You can now search on just location for job vacancies listings
Improved Path Finder page generating more efficiently
Fixed Courses Leaderboard now showing each Reviews Awards set correctly.

1.7.12 – 22 Jan 2018
New Companies can add their own job vacancies via the Partner Portal
New Users (and their Manager) will now receive an email course attendance reminder 4 days beforehand
New Portfolio page now will prompt user to add information so we can improve our results for them
New Now linked to Apprenticeship vacancies in the United Kingdom
Improved Public profile differentiates between valid and expired certifications

1.7.11 – 10 Jan 2018
New Job vacancy details are compared against user details when user is logged in

1.7.10 – 3 Jan 2018
New Job vacancies feature as asked for by our users!
New Email addresses now accepted for new Instructors for a user’s course
New Certification training requests are now supported
Improved It’s now easier for Providers to self-service and manage course events
Improved Location page shows full address above the map just incase the map is having trouble displaying itself
Improved Turned the Add Training form into a pop-up window
Improved DevOps can now review the snapshot email process
Improved Reviews are now showing up correctly against a Company in Google search results
Fixed Reviews Award tooltip on course page is no longer see-through