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21 Mar, 2010

Sonos – very, very cool

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After being given a sales pitch by a friend, I finally gave in (took weeks to convince me) and bought some Sonos gear. This is after I upgraded my storage to a Netgear thingy. I started with the ZonePlayer 120 aka ZP120 (connects to hi-fi),  S5 (all in one), then [...]

30 Jan, 2009

Apple iPhone 3G reviewed

By | 2016-01-20T03:37:28+01:00 January 30th, 2009|Tech and gadgets|0 Comments

An interesting device which I have for research purposes. Looks very cool until you drop it in a puddle when it has no protective cover!! Likes Thin and light, so not so much of an added burden to my handbag :) Sync's with my macbook Finding my nearest (decent) restaurant The [...]