The Tipping Point

//The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point

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No, I’m not refering to the book by Malcolm Gladwell called ‘The Tipping Point’ but its a close proximity of what he writes about. Instead, I’m looking at the Internet world of media / communication.

Going on media hype, first there was MySpace (ok maybe not ‘First’ but just roll with it), then Facebook, now its all about Twitter. I’m sure that Facebook redesigning their pages last month helped Twitter gain huge traction, plus the April fool’s joke on NewsCorp purchasing Twitter for a cool $1 billion on a couple blog sites whipped up the hype even more.

This is all a classic example of the tipping point in action and what amazes me is the short time span in which it happened….. In the last three days I have been asked what Twitter is by a number of people and I find it amusing to see that Wired UK (great mag on technology and future tech just launched their first UK issue) has a page on Twitter’s CEO stating that they have no idea what Twitter is either. It’s one of those conundrums where it can mean anything you want it to. Think of it as your personal radio. Anyone can tune in to your broadcast and you can be broadcasting about anything. Thinking of it as your personal soap box might work for some people or just use it as a tool to announce your current status, physical location, thoughts, feelings, to anyone who’s interested.

Checkout the celebrity hype both in the UK and in the States going on about how they can communicate directly with their fans and bypass the mainstream media. That’s personal empowerment in action! If you’re P.Diddy perhaps you impart encouraging words of wisdom throughout the day or if you’re Stephen Fry with an IQ of genius and fanatic about technology (and macs!), now that would be something to follow, and as a follower you may experience a personal connection with that person, but beware it could be cult forming.

Lets not forget that it was traditional media in the first place that helped Twitter get to the tipping point.

Update:  Twitter right now is having capacity problems, again.

Update: Oh and maybe there’s a business in registering loads of cool usernames so that people pay me to take them off my hands – oops, I’m thinking of domain names there….

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