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Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity. In other words, the time management skill is an essential part of making your day just a little easier. This can be work, home, family, for anything and everything. Find what works for you and stick to it. Review it from time to time to see if it still works for you. And if you need some pointers here are a number of actions you can take to get in control of time management.

  1. Don’t procrastinate.  Don’t put off things tomorrow that you can do today. Perhaps doing ‘the thing’ you fear the most first will make the rest seem like a walk in the park!
  2. Make a ‘to do’ list. Make a list, use any medium you want; your phone, digital notes or even pen and paper! Make sure that you get the satisfaction of ticking it off or even crossing it out multiple times when you have achieve them. That’s a great feeling so make sure that your list is realistic and you’re not making it impossible for yourself. Prioritise your list or lists if you split them up into different categories. 
  3. Set deadlines. Set a deadline and try your best to stick to it. Don’t make excuses, you’ve got the control and power. If you need to, make sure you have some slack, so you can make sure that you still have time to get the task done even when you get distracted and procrastinate.
  4. Avoid multi-tasking. Multi-taskers always think they get more accomplished by doing as many different things simultaneously as possible, but it’s not always the most productive thing to do. In fact, it can be ineffective. Research has found that our minds work better when we are truly able to focus and concentrate on one thing at a time.
  5. Make use of your free time. Without taking this to the nth degree. If you happen to be stuck in traffic or commuting with nothing else better to do, then it could be the perfect time to create a list. But don’t forget to relax, that’s just as important too.
  6. Reward yourself.When you accomplish something, celebrate it! How you celebrate is totally up to you. Make sure that you first deserve the reward, no tricks. 
  7. Go on a course. Check out our time management courses, they may have hints, tips and methodologies that will help you out and improve your time management skill.
  8. Speak to others. This is a good way to get ideas. Maybe you know someone who is super disorganised at home but totally organised at work. What do they do to help them manage time?
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