To Tweet or not to tweet?

//To Tweet or not to tweet?

To Tweet or not to tweet?

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Time passes so fast that I can’t believe that we’re in March already and I only managed to write just one posting in February. Perhaps as I have seemingly no time to blog I should Twitter instead? So now instead of single shot text messages on a mobile (translation – ‘cell’ to the Americans) to that special someone or selecting 5 contacts manually to send the same text to, I can in 140 characters send it to anyone who’s following me – that’s great as long as I’m planning a nice quiet dinner with a few close friends or I’m not expecting a reply.

Do you really want to know what I am doing from one moment to the next? Talk about information overload… and anyway don’t you have something better to do?  Obviously not.

At this point I’ll hold my hand up and admit to creating a Twitter account a while back to experiment with but not sure what I should put it in… should it be personal stuff? work stuff? a bit of both? Do you want just the good news? Or should I include the bad and the ugly parts too?

Perhaps its an ego thing that you can use in conversation, ‘oooh, did you know I have 130,000 followers’ – cult tendencies methinks.  Or maybe its the ‘what’s my favourite celebrity doing right now’ and 5 minutes later, the fantasy has died as they told you something that made them much too normal or human.

Anyhow for the moment, I’m going to stick to blogging especially as I’ll forget to twit when I should tweet.

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