Volleyball England Funding

//Volleyball England Funding

Volleyball England Funding

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Wow, its been nearly a month since my last post. I totally forgot how crazy it gets as xmas looms and then whizzes on by.  The craziness – like writing xmas cards (yes, I know, old fashioned), fighting the crowds while hunting for that perfect present, has been made even more crazy given the current market conditions, the fact that I’ve been squeezing in more volleyball training and matches and visits from friends and family from abroad.

In the midst of it all, I’ve gone and distracted myself with how can Sport England invest only £5.6m into volleyball over the next four years given we have 2012 coming up and we’re the hosts! But after putting this into context, this is good news, as in effect, the yearly grant amount has trebled.

Volleyball England made an operating loss in 07/08 of 44k, they spent £860,500. This expenditure was subsided by a grant from Sport England worth £467,458.

Assuming that £5.6m is handed over equally over the next 4 years and is not dependent on hitting certain targets, (or is it?), it works out at £1.4m a year, nice, very nice. Lets hope we do good with the extra money and invest it well. I can’t wait for the report on what the plans for the next four years are and where the investment will be made.

Seasons Greetings!


oh and here’s some funding info for other sports over the next 4 years:

Archery £4,496,700
Athletics £25,110,900
Badminton £8,631,700
Basketball £8,751,800
Boxing £8,022,300
Canoeing £16,289,000
Cycling £26,922,700
Diving £6,655,300
Equestrian £13,651,900
Gymnastics £10,332,100
Hockey £14,128,700
Judo £7,636,200
Modern Pentathlon £6,411,400
Rowing £27,470,000
Sailing £23,389,800
Swimming £25,606,000
Synchronised Swimming £3,457,600
Taekwondo £4,488,300
Triathlon £5,392,600

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