Volleyball – Top 5 books

//Volleyball – Top 5 books

Volleyball – Top 5 books

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You’ll find all our recommended books here for easy, quick reference.

There aren’t that many books written on volleyball in the first place and the majority written in English are aimed at players and coaches for indoor volleyball. There have been a couple new additions to the market with a couple focusing on refereeing and beach volleyball which I haven’t listed below.

Sitting on my bookshelf include these five which I’ve used to help me improve my skills as both a player and a coach.

1. Volleyball Coach’s Survival Guide

Written by a very successful U.S. college coach, Sue Gozansky, who personally took the time out to reply to my speculative email to her, which I am forever grateful. I learnt about coaching from this book. It covers the basics, builds up from pre-season to tournaments, has both individual and team work drills and suggestions on commitments from players.



2. The ultimate guide to weight training for volleyball

A long-ish title. Best book I’ve come across for working out strength training programmes aimed at the players that know more effort is needed in the gym and isn’t put off by having to really work at it to gain that extra height, power and faster reactions on court.



3. Volleyball Skills & Drills

A good reference book. Assumes that you can just pick it up and understand how the skills and drills would help improve an individual and encourage teamwork both off and on court. It does include detailed descriptions of each skill and why each drill is useful.



4. 101 Volleyball Drills

Drills! Who doesn’t love them! Otherwise known as when the coach gets their own back on the players. 🙂

A handy book that can be a source of inspiration for coaches and players who have to run training sessions and are looking for ideas or refreshers for both individual skills focus or teamwork building drills.

A flick through book as it assumes you’re familiar with running drills.

5. Volleyball – Know the Game

The official book by the English Volleyball Association (EVA). Volleyball for the absolute beginner. Covers, the foundations of the game, the court, the rules, and how to play it.


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