21 Sep, 2009

Volleyball England Strategic Plan 2009-13

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Unbelievable. The Volleyball England Strategic Plan 2009-13 document is 51 pages long and it looks all good (nice presentation) and encouraging details, apart from they seem to have skipped  whole section on funding and the finances actually needed to help fulfil their goals.  ????!!  Click here to download it. And [...]

8 Jul, 2009

EVA membership renewal improvements

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Good to see the EVA try and be proactive in retaining membership levels with an email like the one below, but annoying to get two in a row one for refereeing and coaching. You would think I would just get the one email covering both. But its getting better.... slowly. [...]

18 Jun, 2009

EVA volleyball article posting rant

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First impression, a great headline GB volleyball article called 'GB Men Secure a Double Victory' So if you're into vollyeball like I am, you read it (while thinking OMG we actually won!) then you discover that half the article is about the GB Men win and the other half is [...]

26 Dec, 2008

Volleyball England Funding

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Wow, its been nearly a month since my last post. I totally forgot how crazy it gets as xmas looms and then whizzes on by.  The craziness - like writing xmas cards (yes, I know, old fashioned), fighting the crowds while hunting for that perfect present, has been made even [...]

2 Nov, 2008

BBC Sport – volleyball coverage?

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Now you probably think I'm referring to TV, well I wish I was, but in this case I was digging around in the BBC Sport website looking for the volleyball section, so not surprisingly it wasn't listed as a main sport on the home page here: so I thought 'ah, [...]

23 Oct, 2008

Volleyball match shopping list

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I'm one for making lists and so thought I would have a go at what's needed to get a proper refereed volleyball match underway. Equipment, kit and people but excluding warm up stuff and what the players wear! Here's my shopping list: Match Equipment 1 x sports hall with decent lights [...]