Where did week 3 go?

//Where did week 3 go?

Where did week 3 go?

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That went by fast. A little too fast for my liking. I think I should have achieved more and I definitely needed to get in touch with more people too.


We made a second sale which was very welcome. In turn it highlighted more process refinements. And we learnt a tiny bit more about the market.

We implemented an improved related content algorithm which is now available on the website. You can see it in action here.

We also send out our first survey out mid week as we want to know how important staff training is to companies. A quick 8 questions to answer, lets see what the results yield in a few weeks time. We assume that there are lots of people on holiday as we’ve only had 1 survey response at the time of writing so far otherwise we may have to start concluding that people don’t care about staff training? Which is a little premature, so I’m going with the holidaying excuse.


Data. Making sure it’s quantity content and structured the way we need it is a lot of hard work. And I’m not a completer finisher. Ugh, anyone out there wants to lend a hand?

How easily distracted one can get. (Or maybe that’s an ‘up’?). This week involved desk research of chatbots, thanks in part to the recent differing AI opinions of Musk and Zuckerberg. I’m favouring Musk’s side and frankly I think we have a lot more to do with investing and nurturing people than we do in machines. That took up a few hours deciding whether or not we needed one; rather early days I decided in the end. Stick to the knitting.

And some research in understanding how course content can be structured once to allow it to be distributed to multiple delivery channels while being copyright / access controlled.

Summing it up

Logic side of me says: more focus needed, less distractions. Fun side of me says: bring on more distractions!

Score: 10/10

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