What are your blocks to success? Answer these 6 questions and find out…

//What are your blocks to success? Answer these 6 questions and find out…

What are your blocks to success? Answer these 6 questions and find out…

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I’m a true believer that we need to fully take responsibility for our problems before we can effect any change. And to take responsibility, we need to get them out in the open. We need to look at them face-to-face. Take a few moments with a pen and paper or at your computer and answer one or all of the following questions.

Question 1: What is taking you off course from having the business of your dreams?

Question 2: When thinking about your business, are your thoughts positive or fear-based? Listen to your thoughts – write them down.

Question 3: What memories keep playing on your mind that relate to your success or failure?

Question 4: When you contemplate your future, what do you envision? What do you day dream about concerning the success of your business?

Question 5: What do you expect to happen in the future concerning your business?

What you focus on you get. If your thoughts, memories, day-dreams/visualizations, and expectations are all focusing on the negative aspects of your business you’re going to attract more negativity into your business world. If you’re spending more time speculating about bad times, worrying about what might happen, remembering past failures, envisioning negative outcomes and expecting the worst you’re inevitably setting yourself up for a crash.

But how can you remove these blocks? What can you do to turn the tide?

For each question that you answered, pretend that the answer is positive. Rewrite it in a way that demonstrates the best possible outcome. Get your mind to start focusing on positive thoughts, successful memories, empowering day dreams and amazing expectations. By shifting the way you think, you’ll change the way your mind works…you’ll be more open to good things happening.

Do this core exercise helped me to make millions. It’s vital for business success that you understand what’s blocking you and how to change your state of mind about it.

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