When does a word become a word?

//When does a word become a word?

When does a word become a word?

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The words ‘inkscroll’ and ‘inkscroller’ are growing on me, if I knew how to do a poll using this blog site I would see if it got the thumbs up or down from my readers….

I think the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) would be a good place to aim for a word ‘making it’. I wonder what it takes to get it into the OED?!

I mean come on, if they’ve accepted puh-leeze (Sept 07) won’t they accept my two new words? 🙂


Respelling is often used to convey qualities, such as emphasis or accent, which are easily distinguished in speech but difficult to express in written form. In this case, the respelling of please to indicate an emphatic or sarcastic pronunciation has become sufficiently well established to warrant inclusion in the OED as a separate entry.

Now, I wonder how and where do I start canvasing support?  Perhaps I should just knock on their door and say pretty puh-leeze with a cherry on top?

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