When is a company no longer a start-up?

//When is a company no longer a start-up?

When is a company no longer a start-up?

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I’ve just been musing on when is a startup no longer a startup?

The definition on wiki is rather vague defining it as: ‘a recently formed company’

Is it …..

  • when the founder(s) get VC funding / list on a stock exchange / earn out and exit ?
  • after x years where x cannot be greater than 5?
  • when turnover is greater than £1 million (or maybe $ or € 1 million is worth more?!)
  • when a founder has 3 months working capital in cash in the bank and isn’t worrying about how he/she is going to pay the current month’s employee salaries?
  • when you can search on Google and the first ten pages are all direct links to the company/brand name
  • when the company is in the black?
  • when one or more founders leave the company (for reasons other than the first one mentioned above)
  • when you get free PR in local newspapers, national broadsheets, the tabloids?
  • when the company is profitable?
  • when your product or service is instantly recognisable out there on the streets or on the internet?

What do you think?

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