Where are all the other UK web based startups?

//Where are all the other UK web based startups?

Where are all the other UK web based startups?

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They do exist, but its not that easy to find out about them. It’s like the world’s best kept secret and I keep on stumbling onto them. Mainly through TechCrunchUK. I am starting to wondering if they only crop up when they want to do some PR of their own or suddenly pop onto the scene when they ‘take’ external funding.

Take TAG (not the watch company), a UK company that tries to help link up entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists funding. They seemed to have invested in the right UK companies. They invested in moo.com which seems like a second generation moonpig.com , similar origins in domain names?

Then there’s Seedcamp with similar goals to what Y-Combinator is in theU.S. However, Seedcamp’s geographic is Europe, not just UK alone.

There’s a great article here that just proves how far behind the UK is in terms of web based companies entrepreneurship. What I find fasinating is that the author moved to San Fran to realise his goals. Maybe inkscroll will have to do the same at some point…

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