Who moved my cheese?

//Who moved my cheese?

Who moved my cheese?

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The Company: A very good family run cheese shop in the centre of the city of Alessandria, Italy.

The Outcome:  I was left wanting to buy cheese!

The Experience: I walked to the shop front and they weren’t located there anymore. ;-(. Who moved my cheese?! On the window they had a barely legible, handwritten sign in Italian which mentioned that they had moved and stated their new address. No map!


  • Draw a map, don’t forget to add the street names!
  • Understate how long it is away from the original shop so potential customers aren’t put off with a long walk.
  • As soon as you know when you’re going to move, advertise that fact to your existing customers – have a sign up on the door, at the cashier, use wrapping paper to advertise the new address, tell them.

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