Wind farms from 20,000 feet

//Wind farms from 20,000 feet

Wind farms from 20,000 feet

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Wind farms galore!

A few weeks ago I posted a whinge about wind turbines in relation to flying helicopters. Well, a couple weeks ago it was amazing clear weather (dare I call it summer?!) flying across the English Channel from Amsterdam to London. Not me personally flying I hasten to add, but British Airways pilots. Looking out from my window seat I never realised just how many wind farms there were in the Channel. To pass the time, I counted six separate wind farms, approximately 30 – 100 turbines, each with ships passing by relatively close in their shipping lanes.

Here’s my attempt at taking a photo of it from 20,000 feet up on my iPhone6, look for the small white specks! That was one of the few times I wish I had a SLR camera with a super zoom handy.

Some facts about wind farms in the English Channel:

  • Kentish Flats wind farm, 45 units, commissioned 2005
  • Thanet wind farm, 100 units, commissioned 23 September 2010, off the cost of Kent
  • Greater Gabbard wind farm, 120 units, commissioned 2012, off the coast of Suffolk
  • London Array wind farm, 175 units, commissioned April 2013 off the coast of Kent at a cost of £1.8 billion
  • Rampion wind farm, 116 units expected, commissioned by 2017, off the coast of Sussex

Guess which wind farm I took a picture of!

And if you’re wondering where else wind farms are off the coast of the UK, check out Wanly wind farm. 102 units, commissioned in 2010 for an undisclosed cost under a 50 year lease off the coast of Cumbria.

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