Wow, 2018 already?!

//Wow, 2018 already?!

Wow, 2018 already?!

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Yet another set of Halloween, Christmas and new year whizzes on by and I can’t believe I’m five months into my new venture. And loving it (whilst ignoring that nagging question about revenue?).

In between opening Christmas presents I’ve been beavering away and stabilising the software product that had been created to date as well as sourcing data. I’ve even enjoyed doing some coding!!

Oh and I finally choose a logo design which has meant that the website has been restyled. I’ll definitely be writing a separate article on that soon-ish.

It’s all being to take shape and though we can always do with more data to plug into the website be that more courses, certifications, companies and job vacancies.

I’m now lining up for February and looking for early adopters to start using and ideally getting some valuable thoughts and feedback on it all so I can make it even better and relevant for you. I hope my readers fit into this category be they; a learner, trainer, course provider, manager or HR. We have something for all of you (goal setting anyone?), so please spread the word!

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