Our story so farThe name inkscroll came about years ago. The original concept was digital (aka software-based) record keeping with an ode to ink and parchment, pen and paper - you get the picture. It took years to then figure out how it would take shape as inkscroll's founder was busy with other jobs and experiences.

Today, inkscroll champions and supports people throughout their career journey.

We are currently a one-woman band, Joanna-of-all-trades, beavering away by candlelight (in keeping with ink and parchment days), with the occasional paid for help from developer contractors when Joanna gets really stuck while coding and can afford it!

You can learn more about Joanna and take a peek at her scroll here* (sign up/log in to see it).

Our way of working

We are on a journey of discovery - finding out whats useful, has value and always welcome more users.

Our approach is iterative, bite-sized, going for continuous improvement. We do release imperfect software (those pesky bugs). We have a flexible roadmap.

There is no machine learning, no AI, and no bots - yet. One thing we do is curate data into information, so yes, some of what you will see is handcrafted.

Our tech stack is Laravel with Vue Bootstrap and MariaDB.

Tooling we use includes good ole fashioned paper, whiteboards, to-do lists, Notes, Zoom, Slack, Figma, Visual Studio Code, TablePlus, and Github.

We love to hear from you and learn more about how we can meet your career and talent needs.