Our story

inkscroll was created by Joanna* as a way to track her own work biography details and achievements to share with colleagues, friends and family, creating memories lasting a lifetime. Curious to see if others were interested in doing the same, Joanna released a prototype in July 2021 which is being adapted based on feedback.
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Our purpose

To empower every person so that they are at their best.

Our product vision

Bring people and employers together conversing in plain English, making job seeking and engagement a delightful experience.

Our WIG (wildly important goal)

Have 88 active users before year end, 2021.

Our values

Authentic Be the same person at work and outside of it. Encourage our differences of opinion and expression in a safe, nurturing environment. Integrity Represent ourselves and our intentions honestly to everyone and have those uncomfortable conversations. Straightforward In everything we do, strive to do and communicate it easily and simply.

Our team

We are currently a one-woman band with the occasional paid for help from developer contractors when Joanna gets really stuck while coding and can afford it.

Our way of working

We are on a journey of discovery of finding out what our minimal viable prototype is and always welcome more users.

Our approach is iterative, bite-sized, going for continuous improvement. We do release imperfect software. We have a flexible roadmap.

There is no machine learning, no AI, and no bots - yet. One thing we do is curate data into information, so yes, some of what you will see is handcrafted.

Our tech stack is Laravel with Vue Bootstrap and MariaDB.

Tooling includes paper, whiteboards, to-do lists, Notes, Figma, Sublime Text, and Github.

We love to hear from you by using our community forums. We're looking forward to the conversations we're going to have with you all.