Career support services

Get support with your career for exactly when you need it.

How it works

We offer a number of different services to support your career. Each service is worth a specific number of inkscroll credits (1 credit = £5) which are pre-paid for. This gives you the flexibility to redeem the credits for exactly when you need the right service as your circumstances and situations may change.

Decide on amount
Choose how many credits you want to purchase.
Buy credits so they are ready to be redeemed whenever you need.
Book & Redeem
Choose which service you want and get it scheduled.
Get the service!
Receive the service for the exact work situation you wanted.

Available services

15 minutes Coaching
Useful for a quick check-in before going into an interview or to discuss a job offer received. £25 (5 credits)
** Special Offer **
30 minutes Coaching
Good for a dry run through a presentation that you are due to give or interview practice, or covering letter review. £50 (10 credits)
45 minutes Coaching
Take the time to discuss your job options, or if you have a career switch in mind but aren't sure where to start. £75 (15 credits)
** Special Offer ** A 15 minutes coaching session is included for free for our inkscroll Premium users or take advantage of our taster for only 1 credit for all new users!
Apply to a Job for You
We will apply to one job opportunity on your behalf, saving you time. £10 (2 credits)
CV Review
We will do a in-depth review of your CV and give you feedback in a report. This is NOT a CV re-write service. £50 (10 credits)


Do I have to sign up to inkscroll before I can use the services?
No you don't have to. But we recommend that you do as we can then see your scroll details and prepare for any coaching session if needed.
What's the normal price of the 15 minute coaching taster?
It's £25. So you save £20 ! We offer this to build up trust and demonstrate that we are good coaches!
When will my credits be added to my inkscroll account?
They will be added within 24 hours unless you decide to redeem them within the first 24 hours!
When must I use / redeem my credits by?
Credits must be redeemed within 24 months of purchase.
Can I gift credits to someone else?
Yes, please use your email address for the purchase and then email us to confirm where you would like to credit them to.
Can I transfer credits to someone else?
Yes, please email us to confirm to whom and how many you would like to transfer to.